Hugh McDonough | Director of Strategy
KEMBA Realty

Introducing The Kemba Plus Program


 How does the Kemba Plus Benefit Program work?

Earning a rebate on your new home, it’s simple:

  1. Be a Kemba Credit Union member.
  2. Work with a Kemba Realty agent on your new home purchase.
  3. Finance your new home through Kemba Credit Union.

How much can I save?

If your Kemba Realty agent earns a commission of 3 percent, you will receive a rebate in the form of a credit at closing of 10 percent of the Kemba Realty agent’s earned commission on your Kemba Credit Union mortgage closings costs and prepaid items.

Here’s an example:

If the purchase price of your new home is $200,000 and the 3 percent earned commission received by the Kemba Realty agent is $6,000, then you would save 10 percent of that, which is $600.

Ask your Kemba Realty Agent for details!

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Realty services are offered through Kemba Realty, Inc., an affiliate of Kemba Credit Union, Inc. Kemba Credit Union may receive a financial or other benefit because Kemba Credit Union has an ownership interest in Kemba Realty, Inc. Business conducted with Kemba Realty, Inc. is separate and distinct from any business with Kemba Credit Union.

Your rebate is based on up to 3% commission earned by the Kemba Realty agent, up to a maximum of a $10,000 credit. Borrower(s) are eligible to save up to 10% of the agent’s earned commission, which will be credited on the closing disclosure and applied to closing costs and prepaid items. To be eligible for your rebate, you must be a Kemba Credit Union member, use a Kemba Realty agent and finance your home through Kemba Credit Union, and notify the Kemba Realty agent prior to the projected closing date and execution of contract. Kemba Plus Rebate Program is subject to change without notice. The Kemba Plus Rebate Program is available only on properties in Ohio and Kentucky. Mortgage approval is based upon credit worthiness. Not everyone will qualify. Borrower(s) understands that they are under no obligation to use a Kemba Realty agent and it will not affect the mortgage process; including approval, rates, fees or costs.